Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Making Inferences with No, David!

 One of my FAVORITES! I love teaching, how to make inferences, with No, David!

Before reading the story, we discussed what inferences are. We talked about how we use our schema (the information we already know) and the evidence from the story (clues in the text and pictures) to infer what is happening in the story. We talked about how when we infer, we are trying to figure out something that wasn't completely explained in the story, we use clues to make good guesses! Throughout reading No, David! aloud, we make inferences by starting our ideas with... "I think...", "Maybe...", "Probably...", "I infer...", "I predict...", or "My guess is..." I love the lightbulbs that turn on with this lesson. The kiddos are making great inferences, which makes for a great reading and understanding of what is happening in the story.

Here is a great example. This page has only two words, "No, DAVID!" but we read SO MUCH MORE! We discussed that...his mom is yelling for him to stop, he is reaching for the cookie jar, his mom might want him to wait until after dinner to eat cookies, he is reaching and might fall, he might make all the glasses fall and break, and the list goes on!!!

For this page, we discussed that David's mom is yelling for him to be quiet, he is banging to pans too loudly, David is yelling at the top of his lungs, pans are for cooking not for banging, David shouldn't have the pan on his head, David is being very naughty...

 When we got done reading and making our great inferences, we did an activity to review what we did!


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