Friday, May 22, 2015

Mulitcultural Festival: Australia

This year, for the Multicultural Festival, 3rd grade researched about Australia. Here is a short movie we made, using the program, iMovie. We hope you enjoy!

In cases you were wondering how Aussie's speak, here are a few words!

Hello - G'day
Friend - Mate
What? - Ay?
Oh my! - Blimey!
No problem - No worries
Thank you - Ta
See you later - Hooroo
Australia - Oz

Here is a video of a stuffed animal, Koala that my brother, Cliff, brought back from Australia when he went there last Christmas. The kiddos just love listening to it!

A Brief Hiatus...But Now We're BACK!

Sorry for the brief, hiatus... We have had a very fun filled and busy year. We hope to update and share the highlights of this year with you!