Monday, November 11, 2013

Our Field Trip to the Children's Museum

Back in October we went to the Children's Museum. Before we left we watched a short video talking about the children's museum to help let the kiddos, that had never been before, know what to expect. 

BUS RIDE! We are sooooooo ready to get there!

Lunch at Hermann Park, on a gorgeous day!

Group picture!

Before we left Hermann Park, we just had to roll down the hill! We had so much fun!

We had fun in the culture center. The girls bought their produce from the local farmer's market, then used the recipes to make dinner!

Telling our brains to think "outside the box"!

Trying to complete the puzzle under two minutes, or it starts spinning and you have to start over!

Working together to try and build a bridge! It was harder than we thought!

They had so many cool puzzles!

We got to see liquid turn into a solid right before our eyes!

It is now holding its' shape as a solid! So cool!

Alexa and Kate just talkin' on the phone!

My cuties, having fun!

Richard using the pulley simple machine to pull himself up! He is so strong!

Together we completed the circuit and made the tube light up! The energy traveled through each and every one of us!

Fun at the "Flow Works" area!

Our guide, Miss Lauren, was amazing and made this trip a BLAST!

We Loved the Children's Museum!

When we got back to school, we reflected on our awesome time at the museum!

Fall Festival FUN!

Here is Mr. Allen, a Third Grade teacher, at the "Pie in the Face" booth. 
His before and after pics!

Kam got Mr. Allen pretty good!

I ran in to several familiar friends! 

I saw BATMAN! Just kidding, it was just Tyler! Great costume, buddy!

Fall Festival was a great success, with LOADS OF FUN for everyone!

 Here is the fabulous First Grade team!