Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall Festival is TOMORROW

Fall Festival is tomorrow, Saturday, October 19th, from 12:00-4:00. Take a look at this video, made by Fourth Grade, to inform us all about the fun Fall Festival!

We will have some great booths and raffle tickets!

And don't forget...WEAR YOUR COSTUME! There will be a costume contest!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Reading Buddies with Fourth Grade!

On Thursdays, we have started meeting with fourth grade for reading buddies! 
They were so sweet to give each of us notes before we started! Here are pictures of our first grade friends reading what fourth grade wrote to us.

Here we are reading with our buddies, and focusing on making connections while we read.

Our reflections, of our time working with our fourth grade friends. We had so much fun!

We each wrote our buddy a "Thank you" note! 

Retelling with Stellaluna

There is no better way to welcome October than reading Stellaluna and decorating our classroom with 'retelling bats'!

Hard at work on their 'retelling bats'!

First we used the "I can retell a story" graphic organizer, and then we transferred our retelling thoughts to our BATS!

Sury and Nicole sharing their bats!

When we were all finished, we hung our bats up in our room. Pictures to come, of our "spooky" room!

"Digging Deeper" with our Writing

We have a saying in our class, to "Dig Deep" with our writing. "Digging Deep" is where we practice writing more detailed sentences to make us better writers! It helps make what we are writing more exciting!

Check out some of our wonderful writers, DIGGING DEEP!

Writer's Workshop

'Writer's Workshop' is a quiet time, at the end of our literacy block, to focus on the writing process. Right now we are making fiction books! Rocket Writes a Story and Library Mouse are two great books to motivate the writing process.

Here are a couple of posters we have in our Writer's Workshop corner to inspire writing! 

Nicole is in the Writer's corner looking at punctuation she needs to add, to make her story better!

Another way for our friends to assess their own work is with our Writing Rubric. The student's goal is to write in the 3 point, happy face column (where the star is). They take their work up to the board, to make sure it is a "3 point" piece of work, before they turn it in. They are checking for...good handwriting, correct use of capital letters, neat coloring with multiple colors, punctuation and good spelling/stretching. Below, Richard has his book and is assessing his work!

 Our writers at work!

 We are Authors and Illustrators!