Monday, October 14, 2013

Writer's Workshop

'Writer's Workshop' is a quiet time, at the end of our literacy block, to focus on the writing process. Right now we are making fiction books! Rocket Writes a Story and Library Mouse are two great books to motivate the writing process.

Here are a couple of posters we have in our Writer's Workshop corner to inspire writing! 

Nicole is in the Writer's corner looking at punctuation she needs to add, to make her story better!

Another way for our friends to assess their own work is with our Writing Rubric. The student's goal is to write in the 3 point, happy face column (where the star is). They take their work up to the board, to make sure it is a "3 point" piece of work, before they turn it in. They are checking for...good handwriting, correct use of capital letters, neat coloring with multiple colors, punctuation and good spelling/stretching. Below, Richard has his book and is assessing his work!

 Our writers at work!

 We are Authors and Illustrators!

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