Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rewarding Hard Work in Room 19

After discussing our classroom rules and expectations, I had a couple of my friends from last year, Mia and Justin, come and explain some classroom procedures in their own words, as well as answer questions.

As a whole class positive reinforcer, we work hard to fill this jar of marbles. Each time we follow directions as a whole class, get a compliment in the hallway, or are working hard all together, we get a handful of marbles in the jar. Unfortunately, if we are talking when we aren't supposed to, not staying on task, or working hard as a whole class, etc., we lose marbles. When we work hard together and reach the top of the mason jar, we celebrate by having a classroom party at the end of the day. 

This jar of marbles was our first jar full of marbles, and we voted to have an ice cream party!

Our first class party was so fun! Their hard work paid off!

Aside from our 'whole class' positive reinforcement system, we also have one for each individual. When I catch someone... following directions the first time asked, staying on task, working quietly, doing something kind, showing great effort with classwork, etc., I hand out tickets. After receiving a ticket, the students put their name on the back and into the ticket bucket they go!!! On Fridays, right before dismissal, I pull out 5 tickets! The students I draw from the ticket bucket, get to chose a small prize. Even though I only chose about five each week, the students soon realize, the more times their name is in the bucket, the better chance they have! I love rewarding hard workers!

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