Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ordering Our Names, With Chrysanthemum

For those unfamiliar of this book, it is such a great story, with so many lessons to derive and discuss with young children. It is about a small mouse named, Chrysanthemum. At the beginning, Chrysanthemum loves her name and her parents always tell her it is "absolutely perfect" and Chrysanthemum agrees. However, when she goes to school...the kids all make fun of her because her name is so long and she is named after a flower. Chrysanthemum starts to feel sad, not like school, and starts to think her name is "absolutely dreadful". At the end of the story, The music teacher, Mrs. Twinkle, shares with everyone that she is named after a flower too and also has a very long name. She tells the class that her name is, Delphinium. She also tells the class that she wants to name her girl, Chrysanthemum. After this, the girls all love Chrysanthemum and want to have flower names too. At the end of the book, Chrysanthemum doesn't think her name is "absolutely dreadful" anymore, she KNOWS it is "absolutely perfect"!

 This time after we read the book, we talked about our names and how we are all unique. Each of us wrote our names on a sentence strip and ordered them from least to greatest! We all had to work together for this one. This book is always a class favorite, with a new focus or lesson each time. I am sure you will see me post about Chrysanthemum again!

Our classroom family's display of our unique and special names!

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