Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Making Inferences with No, David!

 One of my FAVORITES! I love teaching, how to make inferences, with No, David!

Before reading the story, we discussed what inferences are. We talked about how we use our schema (the information we already know) and the evidence from the story (clues in the text and pictures) to infer what is happening in the story. We talked about how when we infer, we are trying to figure out something that wasn't completely explained in the story, we use clues to make good guesses! Throughout reading No, David! aloud, we make inferences by starting our ideas with... "I think...", "Maybe...", "Probably...", "I infer...", "I predict...", or "My guess is..." I love the lightbulbs that turn on with this lesson. The kiddos are making great inferences, which makes for a great reading and understanding of what is happening in the story.

Here is a great example. This page has only two words, "No, DAVID!" but we read SO MUCH MORE! We discussed that...his mom is yelling for him to stop, he is reaching for the cookie jar, his mom might want him to wait until after dinner to eat cookies, he is reaching and might fall, he might make all the glasses fall and break, and the list goes on!!!

For this page, we discussed that David's mom is yelling for him to be quiet, he is banging to pans too loudly, David is yelling at the top of his lungs, pans are for cooking not for banging, David shouldn't have the pan on his head, David is being very naughty...

 When we got done reading and making our great inferences, we did an activity to review what we did!


The Rainbow Fish

Learning a lesson with The Rainbow Fish

We each decorated our fish, and of course we all had some beautiful, shiny scales! When reading The Rainbow Fish, we learned a great lesson on sharing and being kind to others. All pointing back to the Golden Rule, "Treat others the way you would like to be treated." 

Here is our community of friendly fish, swimming around, showing their beautiful and unique scales!

Pinwheels for Peace

National Peace Day is on September 21st. As a school, we celebrated National Peace Day on Friday, September 20th, with 'Pinwheels for Peace"! This would not have happened without the AWESOME effort and coordination of our Art teacher, Mrs. Frith! Thank you for all your hard work, Mrs. Frith!

 We were SO READY for pinwheels for peace! Unfortunately, because of the weather, we moved the ceremony to inside the gym. We still had a lot of fun!

As we sang, we waved our pinwheels back and forth. "All we are saying is give peace a chance, all we are saying is give peace a chance..."

On our way back we couldn't help ourselves! We had to let those pinwheels spin in the breeze! Spreading our warm wishes of peace!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Who am I?

Before 'Open House', we made self portraits with clues for our parents to guess who we were. I initially titled this activity "All About ME!", but when discussing this with our class, Nicole had the great, sensical idea to have 'Who am I?' on the last line. What a perfect way to end the clues! I love my creative thinkers! So this activity is now titled, "Who am I?" We all had a lot of fun deciding what to write and draw. We were all turning to our neighbors for advice on eye color. The portraits all turned out great, take a look!

To display our finished products, we put them inside sheet protectors and hang them up for all to see and appreciate!

That is one great looking class family, if I do say so myself!

Computer Lab: Istation

We have a new addition on campus this year, and that would be....Woodview Elementary's very own Computer Lab! Thanks to the efforts of our new librarian, Mrs. Beck, we have an up and running computer lab. We are blessed to have technology in the classroom, but it is wonderful to have a place to go where there is a full class set of computers, where everyone can be actively engaged with technology at the same time. Where we can all practice a new skill or assessment together. 

With our first visit, everyone learned their login information and how to get set up to their own laptop. Then we all took the starting assessment on Istation. Istation is an awesome literacy program that first assesses each child and then from there...takes the data and provides appropriate practice activities for each child to be challenged, at their level. We wouldn't be able to partake in such a great enrichment practice, as Istation, without the help of our wonderful P.T.A. Thank you P.T.A., this was a great investment!

 This computer lab is a great asset to our campus. I really look forward to our weekly class trips to the computer lab! Six and Seven year olds are NOT too young to be learning and using technology tools! I look forward to making projects in the future, they are such quick learners!

Monday, September 16, 2013

We Are Scientists

Our prior knowledge about Scientists

A Scientist is someone who...Observes, records, predicts, wonders, investigates, explores, invents, and asks questions! A Scientist is YOU! We visited the garden for our first time, there sure was a lot to observe, record and wonder about!

Look what we found! So neat! What kind of tree is this? They look like sugar snap peas!

Alexa's, and Nicholas', Observations. With great notes, wonderings, and illustrations!

Sharing Our Work

We love sharing!!!

Some of our friends, sharing their EXCELLENT efforts, with their journal writing.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rewarding Hard Work in Room 19

After discussing our classroom rules and expectations, I had a couple of my friends from last year, Mia and Justin, come and explain some classroom procedures in their own words, as well as answer questions.

As a whole class positive reinforcer, we work hard to fill this jar of marbles. Each time we follow directions as a whole class, get a compliment in the hallway, or are working hard all together, we get a handful of marbles in the jar. Unfortunately, if we are talking when we aren't supposed to, not staying on task, or working hard as a whole class, etc., we lose marbles. When we work hard together and reach the top of the mason jar, we celebrate by having a classroom party at the end of the day. 

This jar of marbles was our first jar full of marbles, and we voted to have an ice cream party!

Our first class party was so fun! Their hard work paid off!

Aside from our 'whole class' positive reinforcement system, we also have one for each individual. When I catch someone... following directions the first time asked, staying on task, working quietly, doing something kind, showing great effort with classwork, etc., I hand out tickets. After receiving a ticket, the students put their name on the back and into the ticket bucket they go!!! On Fridays, right before dismissal, I pull out 5 tickets! The students I draw from the ticket bucket, get to chose a small prize. Even though I only chose about five each week, the students soon realize, the more times their name is in the bucket, the better chance they have! I love rewarding hard workers!