Sunday, August 4, 2013

Canned Food Drive

When our school took part in collecting cans for a local church's canned food drive, we were really motivated to help! I was so proud of my fist grade friends. There was a  school-wide competition to collect the most cans, with first, second and third place prizes. Aside from helping others, this was also a fun way to earn a class party. Our class worked so hard and we were very excited every morning to count the new cans we would bring in. I am proud to announce that our first grade class collected 110 cans! WOW! We did great, however, we came in fourth place, so we did not place for a party. I was so proud of how well our class understood the good we did in collecting the cans to help others, and that that was what really mattered. The day after the winner's were announced, the first place winners, who were a third grade class, came to visit and gave us a very special gift. They made us a card, and rewarded us a popcorn party, for our efforts. It had little notes written from the whole class. This was so special to our class. Thank you THIRD GRADE! That was so COOL!

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  1. You did a great job Mrs. Hiner!!
    Joseph MOM :)