Monday, May 20, 2013

Volcanoes with Geologist, Mr. VanderLinden

Well, I told you Mr. VanderLinden came back to visit room 19! This time he did a lesson on Volcanoes! He brought some more of his neat rocks, specifically igneous and metamorphic rocks for this visit! He also brought some neat pictures that we were able to put up on the active board. It showed the stages of an island being made from a volcano in the middle of the ocean erupting. Very NEAT!

Thank you Mr. V!

Taking a closer look!

Yep, You guessed it! We WROTE all about it!

Towards the end, we turned on the live camera of Old Faithful, the active volcano in Yellowstone National Park. The clock on the right tells you the next time the geyser will erupt. I believe it erupts every 91 minutes minutes. Such a cool virtual field trip idea! We visited Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and were done by lunchtime! It is also neat to observe the geyser at different parts of the year, since they actively experience all four seasons there!

Mr. VanderLinden sparked an added interest to learn more about volcanoes! We were all trying to research more and make connections to what Mr. VanderLinden taught us!

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