Monday, May 27, 2013

The Father of our Country

 George Washington, "The Father of our Country".  What a great man. If I could go back in history, this man would definitely be one on the list I would liked to have met. We had a lot of fun learning about him, and our other great presidents, on President's Day this year. So thankful for Washington's example, leadership, and courage to defend our Country's great heritage along with our other faithful Founding Fathers. To be unanimously chosen to lead our country, now thats not something any other man can claim as their reputation.

We learned about silhouettes; how they were popular decor/artwork, and how they were made. We made something that would have been around when George Washington was alive. 

George Washington's silhouette and writing about the "Father of our Country"

Isabella had a place-mat with all of the United States presidents and the years they served. We had fun going through to see who served one term and who served two terms. Thank you for sharing that with us Isabella!

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