Sunday, May 19, 2013

Start of Spring Semester

When we came back from Christmas break, we of course went right away to check out how our school's garden held up over the break. There had been a lot of cold weather. We also had a pretty bad storm that we followed. While tracking the storm, we decided to check out other places in the United States, as well as other countries. We looked up north, at Pennsylvania, to see what kind of weather they were experiencing. Aubrey's relatives live there and had told her they got snow over the break. It was neat for the kids to compare what the snow storms looked like (pink/white) compared to our southern rain storms (green/yellow-orange/red). We also, then, wanted to check across the world in Israel to see what weather they were experiencing. Of course, not much rain and very warm temperatures. The Active Board is such a great resource for learning moments like these, where the kids can really grasp a deeper understanding and make connections.

Here is a close up of Houston and our location at Woodview

Comparing our current weather to the rest of the world, very neat!

Below are pictures when we went for our first garden observation this semester. We went to see how the heavy rain storm we observed, and freezing temperatures over the break, had affected the garden life.

Look! Baby strawberries!

We documented our observations, like always, in our science journals!

Unfortunately, the storm and cold weather greatly affected the garden, but it turned around and grew back up!

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