Friday, May 10, 2013

PUPIL POST: Multicultural Festival (Mia)

Multicultural festival was in December. First grade stuedy about israel. In  israel they spek  English and Hebrew .This is how you say hello in  hebrew,''Shalom''. It is rilly hot in Israel, and They have a dezert. There dollers are difint then Houstons.There doller have alot of colors and we only have green dollers.The Texas flag has 5 ponts star and the Israel has 6 pont star.We laernd a lot about Israel.We had a lot of fun!

This is a video of  me reading a nonfiction book.That I made about israel.

This post was written and typed by Mia (7 years old)


  1. Wow! You learned a lot about Israel. The multicultural festival must have been fun.

  2. Great Job my Mia!! I learned alot from your book you wrote about Israel! It was really awesome!!