Sunday, May 19, 2013

Multicultural Festival 2012: Israel

Mia already mentioned a little about Multicultural Festival, but I want to share a little more.  In December, the whole school had "Multicultural Festival". Each grade studies a country then shares what they have learned with the other grades. First grade researched about Israel this year.

Here is our research board, we learned A LOT about Israel

We learned about mosaic art and made a mosaic flag

Isabella had a connection and shared with us about when her Grandmother went to Israel, 

 This was on the day we presented, here are a few friends dressed up like Israeli children.

All of first grade worked together to make the below presentation about Israel. In English and in Spanish. As the different grades and classes came to visit our room to learn about Israel, we showed this presentation and gave them some humus and pita chips to try. Surprisingly, most of them LOVED it!

 After we presented to three classes from Kindergarten, 2nd Grade and 3rd Grade we got to go visit Germany and England! Below is a picture of a 5th grader teaching Ricardo and Nicholas about the German language.

 When we visited England, presented by Mr. Allen's 3rd Grade class, we got to skype with his sister who actually lives in England! VERY COOL! We even got to ask her questions as she shared information about their culture. In this picture Mantrez is asking a question. After we learned that England calls french fries, "chips", Mantrez wanted to know what they call chips! Very clever question, for those of you that do not know, she shared that they call chips, "crisps".

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  1. Great presentation ... So many interesting facts !