Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Geologist, Mr. VanderLinden

Back in December, we had a very special guest! My Father, Geologist, Mr. VanderLinden, came to visit room 19.  The kiddos loved meeting him and, of course, had tons of questions for him! He brought his personal rock collection to show our class, and had tons of fun facts to share. We really enjoyed it! 

Taking a closer look at Mr. VanderLinden's rock collection

Aiden, showing the inside of a Geode

Thank you Mr. VanderLinden

And then we WROTE about our fun experience

As you can see, we really enjoyed having Mr. Vanderlinden come. So much, that we asked him to come back! SPOILER ALERT: He came for a second visit after Winter Break! Update about second visit coming soon!


  1. Aubrey enjoyed Mr. VanderLinden's visit. She loved learning about the rocks!

  2. Bella really liked your Dads rock collection . Thank you for sharing pictures with us.