Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess! 3-2-1904

He is one of our favorite authors/illustrators, so it was only fitting to throw a celebration in his name, on March 1st! Thank you, Dr. Suess, for all the great books!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine math with conversation hearts! 

 We sorted!                                                 We measured!

It's party time! We made bags and delivered our 'valentines'!

Here are a couple sweet notes from my little valentines!

Thank you sweet friends, for all the wonderful treats! Yum Yum!

The Father of our Country

 George Washington, "The Father of our Country".  What a great man. If I could go back in history, this man would definitely be one on the list I would liked to have met. We had a lot of fun learning about him, and our other great presidents, on President's Day this year. So thankful for Washington's example, leadership, and courage to defend our Country's great heritage along with our other faithful Founding Fathers. To be unanimously chosen to lead our country, now thats not something any other man can claim as their reputation.

We learned about silhouettes; how they were popular decor/artwork, and how they were made. We made something that would have been around when George Washington was alive. 

George Washington's silhouette and writing about the "Father of our Country"

Isabella had a place-mat with all of the United States presidents and the years they served. We had fun going through to see who served one term and who served two terms. Thank you for sharing that with us Isabella!

Phases of the Moon

Who said science couldn't be YUMMY?!!!

Learning phases of the moon in a very fun and tasty way!

Now, here's an activity that won't disappear right after it's complete! 

Phases of the Moon

Monday, May 20, 2013

A Trip to the ZOO!

Back in February, we took a field trip to the zoo and had loads of fun! This was the perfect day for the zoo! All the animals were out and active, and we experienced some unusual things. Take a look at our visit!

Joseph swimming with Puranas!


Well, hello there, ELEPHANTS!

So this little guy below, picked up a worm and ate it right in front of us! NO JOKE! Still alive, wiggling, trying to escape. It made for a great, funny show! Little show off!

I think this was my favorite part of the whole trip. They had trained, tame cheetahs and we were able to get so close! They were raised by the big dog you see in the corner, and that is why they are so tame. All that was between us and the cheetah was a rope bordering the sidewalk. Very cool!

We loved getting an up close look at this sweet monkey! He just sat there and watched us make monkey faces at him! Everyone loves monkeys and their different personalities!

Rhinos and Giraffes!

HEY YOU! We just loved watching the sea lions! 

We are so silly!

When we got back we wrote reflections of our fun filled day at the zoo! We saw so many neat things! Maya wrote three pages!!! Go MAYA!

100th DAY

It is always a big deal when we finally get to 3 digits on our place value chart! WOOHOO 100!!! we have waited so long to reach the hundred's column. We sure had a fun day celebrating and incorporating 100 any way we could! What a fun day!

HAPPY 100th DAY! Here's to 100 great days of learning!

Volcanoes with Geologist, Mr. VanderLinden

Well, I told you Mr. VanderLinden came back to visit room 19! This time he did a lesson on Volcanoes! He brought some more of his neat rocks, specifically igneous and metamorphic rocks for this visit! He also brought some neat pictures that we were able to put up on the active board. It showed the stages of an island being made from a volcano in the middle of the ocean erupting. Very NEAT!

Thank you Mr. V!

Taking a closer look!

Yep, You guessed it! We WROTE all about it!

Towards the end, we turned on the live camera of Old Faithful, the active volcano in Yellowstone National Park. The clock on the right tells you the next time the geyser will erupt. I believe it erupts every 91 minutes minutes. Such a cool virtual field trip idea! We visited Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and were done by lunchtime! It is also neat to observe the geyser at different parts of the year, since they actively experience all four seasons there!

Mr. VanderLinden sparked an added interest to learn more about volcanoes! We were all trying to research more and make connections to what Mr. VanderLinden taught us!