Sunday, December 9, 2012

Houston Texan's, GLOVER QUIN, visits Woodview Elementary

This past Tuesday, Glover Quin, Safety for the Houston Texans, came to read to our 3rd - 5th graders. Although our first grade class did not get to hear him read, I made sure we got a quick picture with him on our way back from specials. We waved, gave him high fives, and yelled, "GO TEXANS!". Glover is a really nice guy. He is a great role model for our kiddos, and I thought it was really neat for him to spend his "off time" motivating children with their learning. His main message was, "Readers win, and winners read." SO TRUE! What a great way to let a message like that, stick with the children forever! Here is a short video of Glover's visit to Woodview.

Our class with GLOVER QUIN, #29 for the HOUSTON TEXANS!


  1. How exciting for the kids!

  2. That was so awesome!! Mia was so excited because she knows we love the TEXANS!!! :) She couldn't wait to tell her dad when she came home!!