Sunday, November 4, 2012

Room 19's Primary Nomination Election for Class President

This past week, we had nominations for our class’ President. I explained the qualities that our class president should have. They should be a good leader, a good example, dependable, friendly, a hard worker, trustworthy, a good helper, and someone the students could count on to make good choices. Each student voted privately and anonymously. I tallied up the data and found the two with the most votes. The two that were nominated from their peers were Joseph and Mia! It was a close call, with a couple others in our class, so I am very proud of everyone!


Joseph and Mia then made campaign posters for the big election happening on Election Day, Nov. 6th, 2012. Of course, I am so happy for Mia and Joseph for working so hard, but I am also very proud of the class as a whole. It is a special honor to be nominated by your peers. We are going to tally up the data, which I am sure will be a very close race. On Tuesday, we will vote and announce the President, and runner up will become Vice President. They have both been recognized for their great examples and hard work from their peers, and will both have a leadership role in the class. On Monday, they will be giving their speech about why the students should pick them for President. Again, this is fun race that is helping the kiddos learn about an "election" with a tangible experience. We have many other jobs in our class, so we will make sure no one will be left out and everything will be fair! So proud of ALL my first grade friends!

Remember to tune in Tuesday, Nov. 6th to find out Room 19’s new President and Vice President! 


  1. I remember Mia telling me about when this all started and how excited she was. I think this was an awesome idea Mrs. Hiner! What a great way for them to participate and learn!! Kudos to you and that kids!! :)

  2. Thank you for the feedback! I was really wanting to make this whole learning experience, with the election, tangible for them. I wanted them to comprehend the reason we have elections and the beauty of that being a freedom we have! So pleased with how it turned out! Thank you again for sharing :)