Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

As you know, today is Election Day! Here is a look at our "Town Hall" style debate and our classroom voting experience. 

Here are pictures from our "Town Hall" style debate. Our classroom citizens thought of some great questions for our two candidates! 

Joseph and Mia were put on the 'HOT SEAT'
Some of the questions our classroom citizens asked, included:
* How do you feel about homework and why?
* What is your favorite color and why?
*What is your favorite chapter book and why?
* Do you prefer cheese or peperoni pizza and why?
* If you saw someone getting bullied what would you do?
* Who is your favorite basketball player and why?
And the list goes on... Everyone enjoyed this; our candidates as well as our citizens. Our classroom citizens did a great job coming up with questions, and our candidates did a great job at answering and sharing their view points. Overall, this was a great success!

In conclusion of the debate, we started anonymously voting! Each student went to the "voting booth" to cast their ballot!


 When we were finished voting, we made "I voted!" pins to wear home!

We voted! Did you?

  Our Class' New President and Vice President! So proud of these two, as well as the rest of the class, throughout this whole process. It was such a great learning opportunity, and I could not have been more pleased with all of the positive and supportive attitudes.


  1. It's so important to teach our kids the importance to vote ...thank you for doing this and making it fun for them too.

  2. Wooohoooo Miaaaa!!! You all did a wonderful job!! This was a wonderful idea!! <3