Monday, October 8, 2012

Observing the Garden Continued

Well we went back to observe what has been happening in the garden and a LOT has changed!  There are now four trees! A Peach, Avocado, Lemon and Apple Tree! There are also a lot of pretty flowers, neat plants, and herbs. They all had labels so the students could right down what each plant was and draw a quick sketch of what they observed. We are still making predictions, because it is continuously changing! The students in the after school program, “Seed to Plate”, have been working very hard in building this garden! It is so neat for the kiddos to observe and understand how tomatoes, apples, lemons, carrots, etc. GROW! We look forward to seeing what is next!

 I love how this activity is inviting argumentation between the students, trying to use their schema and new knowledge to determine what everything is. I love hearing their conversations with each other when they are observing, and why they are thinking what they think!

When we were all done, we decided to share what we discovered outside, since it was such a gorgeous day in the 70s! Below are Isabella and Mantrez, sharing what they found!

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