Thursday, October 25, 2012

Let's take a VOTE!

Last week, to help reinforce our learning about an “election”, we had our own mini voting session, campaigning bit and short debate. I wanted the students to understand these terms, so what better way than to involve CANDY?! We picked Skittles and Kit-Kats as our two favorites. Then from there, students placed their “ballots” on which item they were voting for as the BEST. We looked over and analyzed the data and discovered that one more person liked Kit-Kats. We then broke into small groups and made mini “campaign posters” and “slogans” for why they thought their item (Skittles or Kit-Kat) was better. Then, we had our DEBATE! The kids loved this and got so into it. In conclusion to this activity, we viewed a short piece of the presidential debate to introduce the two candidates for this upcoming election. The students took what they could at their 1st grade comprehension level, but I know they thoroughly enjoyed it and understood the key points in why we have elections and vote. On actual Election Day, November 6th, I hope to have another “mock election”, but much more similar to the real deal!

Collecting the Data                                Analyzing the Data

Making Campaign Posters & Slogans!

Team Skittles!                                        Team Kit-Kats!

Preparing their ideas for the big DEBATE!

And.....IT's TAILS! Team Kit-Kat won the coin toss! Let the Debating Begin!

Isabella starting the                        Aiden, representing the
debate with some                           the Skittles with
key points for Kit-Kats                    a rebuttal                                          

A Few moments later, after going back and forth a bit, we welcomed the closing statements!

Great EFFORT by all! We ended with a short clip from an actual current "formal" debate, to introduce the two candidates for this year's upcoming election, President, Barrack Obama and Governor, Mitt Romney.

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