Monday, October 8, 2012

Changing States of Matter with CHOCOLATE

Continuing our learning about matter, we observed it change states right before our eyes with this fun experiment! We started with a small bag for chocolate chips, each student got their own. We observed what it looked like before we did anything! Then, for two minutes (which turned to five minutes, due to our small hands), our scientists squeezed the bag of chocolate chips in their hands. The heat transferring from their hands turned the “solid” chocolate chips to…LIQUID chocolate! Such a fun hands on activity for the students! After we managed to change from solid to liquid, we changed it back to solid! We placed the chocolate in the freezer and VOILA! Back to solid! Of course the students loved this science experiment involving chocolate! Here are some pictures!


^SOLID chocolate chips                   LIQUID chocolate chips^

 Our Scientists using the heat from their hands, and friction, to melt the "solid" chocolate chips to LIQUID!

 Our liquid Chocolate turned back into a SOLID, after being placed in the freezer!

Aubrey's great work with recording her observations!

 The below video is a quick bit of Angela sharing her observations of this experiment!


  1. I love the video :)
    is any way possible to obtain some of the pictures that you publish here, (I would like it for my records)

    1. I know, she is so cute! And of course, I will send them to you! :)