Thursday, October 25, 2012

Let's take a VOTE!

Last week, to help reinforce our learning about an “election”, we had our own mini voting session, campaigning bit and short debate. I wanted the students to understand these terms, so what better way than to involve CANDY?! We picked Skittles and Kit-Kats as our two favorites. Then from there, students placed their “ballots” on which item they were voting for as the BEST. We looked over and analyzed the data and discovered that one more person liked Kit-Kats. We then broke into small groups and made mini “campaign posters” and “slogans” for why they thought their item (Skittles or Kit-Kat) was better. Then, we had our DEBATE! The kids loved this and got so into it. In conclusion to this activity, we viewed a short piece of the presidential debate to introduce the two candidates for this upcoming election. The students took what they could at their 1st grade comprehension level, but I know they thoroughly enjoyed it and understood the key points in why we have elections and vote. On actual Election Day, November 6th, I hope to have another “mock election”, but much more similar to the real deal!

Collecting the Data                                Analyzing the Data

Making Campaign Posters & Slogans!

Team Skittles!                                        Team Kit-Kats!

Preparing their ideas for the big DEBATE!

And.....IT's TAILS! Team Kit-Kat won the coin toss! Let the Debating Begin!

Isabella starting the                        Aiden, representing the
debate with some                           the Skittles with
key points for Kit-Kats                    a rebuttal                                          

A Few moments later, after going back and forth a bit, we welcomed the closing statements!

Great EFFORT by all! We ended with a short clip from an actual current "formal" debate, to introduce the two candidates for this year's upcoming election, President, Barrack Obama and Governor, Mitt Romney.

Word Work and Listening to Reading Update

Daily 5 is still going strong! Take a look into our time with “word work” and “listening to reading” with all of the great technology we have!

Using magnetic letters to make words!

Practicing words on the white boards and composing sentences!

 Making words with PLAY-DOH!

 Listening to Reading: This really helps the students with their fluency! They listen to a story being read  and follow along with the highlighted words, as they are being said. We mostlyuse and, during this time. Both websites are great!

 Michael, engaged in a literacy game, reviewing the letter "X"

Math Centers

Here are some pictures of the students, hard at work, during math centers!

Ordering numbers 1-10 and putting corresponding cards under the correct number!


Keegan and Julissa working with domino flashcards!

We love the memory game!

Monday, October 8, 2012

A 'Columbus Day' Activity

Happy Columbus Day! In honor of the Great Explorer, Christopher Columbus, we did a fun writing activity. After discussing how Columbus discovered a new world on his travels, we switched points of view. We wrote about if “WE” were the ones who were great explorers and traveled to discover the new world on our ships.  Each student wrote as if they were Columbus. They came up with the cutest responses.

Our little Columbus'!

Retelling with Stellaluna

After reading Stellaluna, we practiced our retelling with a “beginning, middle, and end” graphic organizer. After editing, each student wrote his or her retellings onto a bat. After all were finished, we decorated our classroom with our bats! We hung them from the ceiling and made a “bat cave” on our AC unit! The kiddos are really excited about our ‘spooky’ Halloween d├ęcor! Here are some pictures of our bats (literally) hanging around, in our room! 

  Here is a picture from underneath our "bat cave"!

Changing States of Matter with CHOCOLATE

Continuing our learning about matter, we observed it change states right before our eyes with this fun experiment! We started with a small bag for chocolate chips, each student got their own. We observed what it looked like before we did anything! Then, for two minutes (which turned to five minutes, due to our small hands), our scientists squeezed the bag of chocolate chips in their hands. The heat transferring from their hands turned the “solid” chocolate chips to…LIQUID chocolate! Such a fun hands on activity for the students! After we managed to change from solid to liquid, we changed it back to solid! We placed the chocolate in the freezer and VOILA! Back to solid! Of course the students loved this science experiment involving chocolate! Here are some pictures!


^SOLID chocolate chips                   LIQUID chocolate chips^

 Our Scientists using the heat from their hands, and friction, to melt the "solid" chocolate chips to LIQUID!

 Our liquid Chocolate turned back into a SOLID, after being placed in the freezer!

Aubrey's great work with recording her observations!

 The below video is a quick bit of Angela sharing her observations of this experiment!

Observing Solids and Liquids

The scientists in room 19 have been very busy this past week! We have been observing characteristics of solids and liquids, and have discovered so much! Here are some great pictures of our scientists observing different solids!

After observing solids, we observed different liquids! Our scientists had to draw/write what they observed and make a prediction of what it was! They were really excited about the liquids and trying to debate what each one was!

In these pictures, the students are discovering if each liquid sample is transparent or translucent, by deciding if they can see through it or not! 

In the above picture, Nicholas is watching the "jell like" liquid slowly drip down the bottle, and cindy is comparing two similar liquids. Love seeing our scientists at work!

Observing the Garden Continued

Well we went back to observe what has been happening in the garden and a LOT has changed!  There are now four trees! A Peach, Avocado, Lemon and Apple Tree! There are also a lot of pretty flowers, neat plants, and herbs. They all had labels so the students could right down what each plant was and draw a quick sketch of what they observed. We are still making predictions, because it is continuously changing! The students in the after school program, “Seed to Plate”, have been working very hard in building this garden! It is so neat for the kiddos to observe and understand how tomatoes, apples, lemons, carrots, etc. GROW! We look forward to seeing what is next!

 I love how this activity is inviting argumentation between the students, trying to use their schema and new knowledge to determine what everything is. I love hearing their conversations with each other when they are observing, and why they are thinking what they think!

When we were all done, we decided to share what we discovered outside, since it was such a gorgeous day in the 70s! Below are Isabella and Mantrez, sharing what they found!