Sunday, September 16, 2012

We Are Scientists

  A scientist is a person who…records, collects, wonders, invents, observes, experiments, measures, guesses, thinks, classifies, tests, sorts, and most importantly, asks questions! 

  Our class went to observe our campus’ new garden that has been set up by the “Seed to Plate” committee and wonderful volunteers. We went to observe and record what it looks like now (before anything has been planted), as well as make predictions of what is to come. There are four holes, so we were using what we know to make a prediction of what will go there. We also were wondering what would grow in the mulched beds. The students loved this and showed to be great scientists with all their observations and predictions!

  Lucky us! Our class will have a small portion of one of these flowerbeds. Hopefully this next week we will be planting some different herbs and flowers! 


  1. Isabella really enjoys all classroom activities! Everyday she comes home with exciting news to tell me :)). She says that Mrs. Hiner is the nicest teacher ever. Thank you Mrs. Hiner for being such a great teacher.

    1. That is so wonderful and makes me so happy! Thank you so much and thank you for sharing! :)