Wednesday, September 12, 2012

PAWS of Excellence in Room 19

What a great first two weeks! We are really working to build a safe and friendly community in our classroom. We have a classroom positive reinforcement system in our classroom, where we fill a mason jar full of marbles. The students have been so excited about this! The ways they can earn marbles are: by quickly following classroom rules, working hard and staying on task as a whole class, following our hallway “red zone” rules (walking quietly, hands behind back, and staying in a straight line), and getting compliments from other Woodview Staff. Our class has been working so hard, which has made me so proud! We have already had our first classroom Popsicle party, because we got our first mason jar full of marbles after the first week! WOO HOO!

  Separate from our classroom reward system, our Administrators also seek out outstanding behavior on the campus. I was so proud of our class showing their excellent ‘PAWS’ (Positive attitudes, Appreciating Differences, Working together responsibly, and Success & achievement) behavior by reading every morning, having great hallway and cafeteria behavior. They have earned 5 beagle paws after just two weeks! WAY TO GO!!! Keep up the great work!

Last week we also received a special reward from our wonderful Art Teacher, Mrs. Frith! She is working with our students to create "Pinwheels for Peace" to help inform our students about peace and our Country’s National Peace Day, which is on September 21st. "Ten days of peace" lasts from September 11th through September 21st.  Mrs. Frith taught them the "Pinwheels for Peace" song, which my students have loved singing and we got a special beagle bone for our whole class participation and effort! Thank you Mrs. Frith!

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