Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Starting the Daily 5

Our class has been working on the Daily five during our language arts block. “The Daily 5” is a system, created by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser, "fostering literacy independence in the elementary grades." This process promotes students to build their stamina in five different areas: Reading to Self, Reading to Someone, Working on Writing, Word Work, and Listening to Reading. Our goal is to build our stamina at doing each of these 5 choices for 15 minutes.

  So far we have reached that goal in Read to Self! In read to self, students are expected to find a place in the room where they will stay for the entire 15 minutes, eyes are on their books, they are reading by using pictures and words, they are using their quiet whisper voices to help them build fluency and comprehension and they are not bothering others during this time.

  During Read to Someone, each student has a buddy who they can read to. They are remembering the acronym EEKK, which stands for Elbow to elbow, Knee to knee. This is how the students sit together, so they can use "six inch voices" and not bother others around them, who are also trying to read. We have almost reached our goal of 15 minutes!!! Here are some great pictures of buddies reading and remembering EEKK!

  Working on Writing, is a time where the students can write letters, stories/books, or in their joural. This is also a quiet time where only whispering is allowed and everyone is staying on task. The students have been loving this and have almost reached our goal of 15 minutes!

  Next week we will begin to incorporate Word Work and Listening to Reading! Word Work is where the students can practice writing words from the word wall or their word study list. There are different activities to choose from, such as, magnetic letters, stamping letters, spelling words using play-doh, writing words on their small white boards, etc. And, with Listening to Reading, the students have a chance to use the technology in our room to listen to books. A perfect place for this is The students listen the a story and while the words are being said, the words are highlighted on the screen. This is a great time for the students to build their fluency. 

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