Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More Garden Observations

We went back to make some updated observations and came to find that the garden had changed quite a bit! We found that two of the holes were filled with trees. One was an avocado tree and one was a peach tree! There were labels, and the students had a fun time writing down their "noticing’s" and trying to say the names of all the plants. There were still two holes that were not filled, so we made some predictions....We are thinking maybe an apple tree, lemon tree, or banana tree. We will find out soon!

Look at our scientists at work!

The kiddos decided to call this little plant the "pizza plant". I didn't understand why they kept calling it that until I realized it was basil, and they were calling it the "pizza plant" because it has a picture of a pizza, with basil, on it! So Clever!

Derek and Joseph making close observations of the peach tree and making predictions of what it will turn in to.

And of course, when we got back to the classroom, we gathered around to share all of our observations, questions, predictions, pictures, etc. The students led this part! They sat in a circle and one at a time, chose who would share. I was so impressed at what they came back with! They wrote all the words they found and drew what the plants looked like; tomatos, avocados, peaches, etc.


  1. I absolutely love this!! *Joseph said you are really nice* I was told to comment :D he's enjoying first grade your doing a great job!

    1. Love it! Thank you for commenting for him! :) Joseph is such a hard worker and a great leader in the classroom! Thanks again! :)