Sunday, September 30, 2012

Best in Show PAWS

Not only are we working for CLASS PAWS, but also now each student can be recognized for outstanding behavior. Unfortunately I cannot nominate my own kiddos, or all of them would be OUTSTANDING!  They have to be recognized by another member of our staff! These are called “Best in Show PAWS” and they can receive them by: being noticed doing a nice deed to help someone out, following our PAW expectations in the hall (alone), being a good helper or friend, having great behavior in the cafeteria, etc. The only thing, is someone else has to nominate them other than myself. They get a small paw with their name on it, who it was from, and the reason for why they received it and then get to put it in the 1st grade Envelope in the main hallway. The “Best in Show” get recognized over the Morning Announcements, which is super exciting, and on the last Friday of every month we have a small award ceremony where they get recognized! We had three friends receive “Best in Show PAWS” for this first month! And one of our friends, Miss Chaddeisty, got 2, which was a really big deal! Way to go Chaddeisty, Santiago, and Julissa! They all got to pick special prizes from Mrs. Scanlan and Mrs. Hagan! All were well deserved! Everyone has been working very hard! Keep up the good work! It is always the BEST thing, to do the RIGHT thing, even when no one is looking!

WAY TO GO Chaddeisty, Santiago, and Julissa!

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