Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A First Day Name Activity with Chrysanthemum

  After reading the book, Chrysanthemum with my class, we did a fun name activity. For those of you who are not familiar with the book, Chrysanthemum, it is a great book with a lot of lesson possibilities. Here is a brief explanation… It is about a little mouse named Chrysanthemum who, at the beginning of the book, LOVES her name! She then, goes to school where the other students make fun of her because her name is soooo long and she is named after a flower. Every day, she goes home from school sad and her parents help to cheer her up. The name calling happens a few more times at school, until her class meets the music teacher Mrs. Twinkle, who every one loves! Mrs. Twinkle shares that she is named after a flower too and her name is Delphinium, and that she wants to name her baby girl Chrysanthemum, because she thinks it is such a beautiful name. After that, the whole class adores Chrsanthemum! All the other girls in the class wish they could be named after flowers too. It is a really sweet story that the students love and have connections with. Like I said, there are so many great lessons to go over after reading this book, but it being the first day, we did a name activity! Each child wrote their name on a sentence strip and then counted the number of letters they had in it. We then ordered the names from least to greatest. When we had multiple of an amount, we then ordered them alphabetically and I was so surprised that a good chunk of the class understood how we were ordering! They loved it and got so into it!!! Here is our name masterpiece, least to greatest and alphabetically ordered!

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